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Sharing an internet connection between computers in your home/small business  is our speciality.

We prefer to set up a wireless network in the house as there would be a limited amount of cable laying involved. We can install a wired network if required but this will involve making holes in walls etc. To minimise the size of holes & provide greater flexibility we would wire to sockets at each end & then fit fly leads.

It is now also possible to set up an internet connection between computers using your electrical sockets (home plug). The preferred method for small businesses  is via cabling the main backbone as this provides are more reliable & interference free network with wireless for hotdesking & remote areas.

The Homeplug system allows data to be sent around

your home to multiple computers without the need for

intrusive new cabling or a wireless connection

(which can be hard to set up and maintain).

The system comes as separate modules (see diagram right)

that plug into existing electrical sockets, after a small amount of

configuration to install software on each computer they are ready to use.

One Homeplug is connected to a Cable or ADSL router (via an Ethernet cable)

then others are connected to electrical sockets in each bedroom.

Computers can then be connected to the Homeplugs in each bedroom

with an Ethernet cable allowing everyone to share the internet connection.

We can set up a network with ADSL or a Cable service if available. You will be able to share the internet/broadband connection, printers, CD/DVD Drives and Hard Drives.

A typical network set up would include the main computer which has a printer connected and the internet connection. We can then connect laptops and the children's computers in their bedrooms. They would all be able to print from the printer, share files & connect to the internet.

A wireless network requires a wireless router with/without a printer server and wireless adaptors for each of the computers not hard wired to the router. A range/wireless extender may be required if the house is large and the computers are some distance apart. An alternative is to use the mains wiring  (home plug).

Types of routers include ADSL and DSL/Cable with or without a printer server. The printer server allows computers to connect to the printer directly. You can set up a network without a printer server as long as the computer that has the printer attached is turned on whenever anyone wants to print.

Adaptors come in different types to include USB, PCI and PCMCIA. Generally a USB adaptor will work on most PCs and Laptops which have a USB Port. A PCI adaptor will work in most desktop PCs and a PCMCIA adaptor is generally for a laptop.

There are different rates at which networks run depending on the one you choose. The 'standard' we would use is 54g which is designed to operate at a maximum of 54 mbps but in reality expect 40mbps. This compares to 100 mbps for a 'standard' wired network. The latest wireless connection is said to be 108 mbps. It is possible to install a wired network at 1000 mbps this involves more expensive cable, sockets & fly leads. The speed of the network will only affect the speed files are exchanged across the network (between computers) as the fastest internet connection is approx 20mbps the average is 2mbps. If you only are interested in a network for internet sharing and printing with infrequent file sharing then 54g will be adequate.

A basic network from us would cost £50 for a wireless router and £20 for each wireless adaptor be it PCI, PCMCIA or USB. We charge a standard fee for setting up the network and ensuring all devices work regardless of how many computers you want connected to the internet. The 'main' computer in most situations is connected directly to the router and will not need a wireless adaptor. Most Internet Providers now provide a free wireless router. If more than 1 computer needs to be hard wired to the router it must have more than one ethernet port.  We provide free lifetime e-mail support for all networks we install.

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